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Summer HVAC Tips

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Summer HVAC Tips

Summer HVAC Tips

Sep 20, 2019 | By  Right Time

Summer arrived a couple weeks ago, but it’s finally starting to feel like summer. The heat has arrived and it’s already starting to affect our comfort.

To combat the effects of a scorching hot summer day, we’ve got some summer cooling tips for you. Take care of these to not only keep comfortable, but to run your home efficiently. Ontario energy prices are on the rise and you’ll need every advantage you can get to keep costs low.

Prepare for Summer Storms:

As we are seeing now, summers can be extremely unpredictable and have a lot of storms with every significant shift in weather. When there are significant amounts of rain, you’ll want to have your gutters and downspouts are cleaned to ensure the water is able to be properly controlled.

If your home isn’t properly maintained on the outside, if can affect your home comfort inside. Your walls can often soak up some of the excess water from a big storm and a result, the humidity levels increase in your home. Some home owners choose to adjust their dehumidification settings, but that can cause an increase in your energy usage and thus, your energy bills.

Make sure you’re prepared for everything summer can throw at you, inside and out.

Change Your Filter:

Change your filter monthly or as often as your filter recommends. If you have pets or respiratory concerns, you should change it more often than your filter recommends due to the added dirt and dust that will be captured as a result.

If you don’t replace your filter appropriately, your system can suffer. A dirty filter leads to air flow problems which will cause your system to work harder to distribute the proper amount of air through your home. A system that is working harder than it has to is inefficient and is left more vulnerable to breakdowns.


Your ducts are what carry the air through your home to keep you comfortable. Think of them like the road to your comfort. After the air has been travelling on your roads for many years, potholes begin to develop, or in the case of air ducts, leaks.

Leaks in your air duct can have a decrease in efficiency and effectiveness. Your system can develop inconsistent heating and cooling because some air circulation is lost in these leaks. Also, it causes your system to work harder because less of the air it is pushing out is reaching its destination.

System Maintenance

A filter is the only part of your HVAC systems you should be replacing, other parts will require the assistance of a licensed professional.

Find a service technician you can trust and they will be able to clean your machines and make sure all the components are functioning properly. Cleaning your system will allow you to catch potential repair needs early, your system to last longer and to work more efficiently.

If you have any other questions contact your Home Aire Care service technician and we’ll help you out.

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