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Heat Pumps

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Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps Save You Money: Summer & Winter

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Dual Fuel
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Energy Savings

Nearly 2/3 of the energy consumed in Canadian homes is used for heating and cooling, especially given our cold winters and hot summers.

Heat pumps for heating and cooling our homes allow for a significant reduction in our energy consumption.

A heat pump extracts heat from the cold outside air and transfers it to inside our home.

A compressor uses electricity to increase the temperature of the heat extracted from the outside air.

Heat pumps also provide cooling by transferring warm indoor air to the outside.

The energy provided by the outside air is free: consumers only pay for the electricity used by the compressor.

Central Ducted: Standard or Electric

Central ducted heat pumps use a system of ducts to distribute warm or cool air throughout your home. They deliver consistent heating or cooling in every room with better air circulation, meaning no more cold or hot spots in the house! They’re great for homes which have existing ductwork or for new builds.

Ductless Mini Split

Ductless mini split heat pumps provide heating and cooling without the need for ductwork. They are composed of an outdoor unit and one or more indoor units that are mounted on the wall or ceiling of the rooms that needs to be heated or cooled. The indoor units are connected to the outdoor unit by refrigerant lines and electrical wiring, which makes them easier to install.

Dual Fuel System: Electric and Gas

Dual fuel heat pump systems, also known as hybrid heat pump systems, are a type of heating and cooling system that combines an electric heat pump with a backup furnace powered by natural gas or propane. The system is designed to automatically switch between the two heating sources depending on the outside temperature and the cost of energy.

Heat Pumps Nanaimo

For quality heat pump services, ranging from repairs and installations to maintenance check-ups, look no further than The Comfort Group. The leading HVAC company in Nanaimo, we are known for our top-notch customer service, knowledgeable and friendly technicians, and superior HVAC services.

Nanaimo, Get Pumped about Saving on Your Energy Costs!

The Comfort Group sells, installs, and services products from Lennox®, a world leader in heat pump technology. With their advanced fan coils and controls (thermostats), these heat pumps are some of the most efficient ways to heat and cool your home or business. For a free estimate, call The Comfort Group today! Services are available from Campbell River, south to Duncan, and west to Port Alberni.

Ductless mini-split heat pumps are also available. We service all makes and models of heat pumps.

Understanding Efficiencies (SEER & HSPF)

Similar to the MPG rating of automobiles, the higher a heat pump’s SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) or HSPF (heating seasonal performance factor), the more energy efficient the unit will be. To maximize your comfort and efficiency, we recommend combining a heat pump with a furnace in a dual-fuel system setup.

Our featured Lennox® heat pumps include:

XP25 Heat Pump

  • Efficiency ratings of up to 23.50 SEER and 10.20 HSPF—nearly twice as efficient as a standard heat pump.
  • SunSource® solar-ready option—allows you to add solar modules and create a solar powered system that generates electricity for your heat pump and more, reducing energy consumption and utility costs.
  • icomfort™-enabled technology—allows the heat pump, when installed with the easy-to-use programmable icomfort Touch Touchscreen Thermostat, to exchange information and make adjustments as needed to optimize performance and efficiency.*
  • Energy Star® qualified—meets or exceeds EPA guidelines for energy efficiency.
  • This product has been designated as one of the Most Efficient Energy Star® qualified products in 2013. Products that are recognized that recognized as “Most Efficient” by Energy Star® prevent greenhouse gas emissions by meeting rigorous energy efficiency performance levels set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.
  • icomfort™-enabled technology—allows the heat pump, when installed with the easy-to-use programmable icomfort Wi-Fi® Touchscreen Thermostat , to exchange information and make adjustments as needed to optimize performance and efficiency.**
  • Dual-fuel capability—can be combined with a gas furnace to enhance comfort and fuel efficiency by alternating between electric and gas heat, optimizing energy use and minimizing heating costs.
  • Additional federal, state and local tax rebates and incentives may be available with a SunSource solar installation.***
  • Silent Comfort™ technology—delivers sound sounds levels as low as 58dB, up to 50% quieter than a standard heat pump.
  • Silent Comfort™ Fan Grille—uses patent-pending, vortex-suppression technology to reduce sound of airflow exiting unit, providing a quieter environment outside your home.
  • Insulated compressor compartment—minimizes operating sounds with innovative materials and industry-leading, vibration-isolation vibration-isolating mounts.
  • Precise Comfort™ technology adjusts fan speed, heat and airflow capacity in increments as small as 1% for the ultimate in temperature control.
  • Climate IQ™ technology—modifies system output depending on geographical area to deliver greater comfort and humidity control.
  • Variable-speed inverter controlled motor—provides a quiet and consistent flow of air for an ideal balance of temperature and humidity in your home.
  • Renewable energy resource—delivers environmental benefits when upgraded to a SunSource® Home Energy System that turns solar energy into electricity for your home.
  • Chlorine-free R-410A refrigerant—provides exceptional comfort without exacting a costly environmental toll.
  • PermaGuard™ cabinet—heavy-gauge, galvanized steel construction, louver coil guard, baked-on powder finish and durable zinc-coated steel base provide long-lasting protection against rust and corrosion.
  • SmartHinge™ louver design—allows quick, easy access to interior components from all sides for cleaning and maintenance. Protects coils from damage and provides a clean provides clean appearance.

XP20 Heat Pump

Overview: The Elite® Series XP20 variable-capacity heat pump is a high-efficiency heat pump with true variable capacity.

Features: The XP20 offers variable-capacity operation, meaning it can adjust heating and cooling output like a dimmer switch to perfectly match your comfort needs to your energy use. This also helps control humidity with exacting precision.

SL18XP1 Heat Pump

Overview: The quietest and most efficient single-stage heat pump you can buy.

Features: With a SEER of up to 18.50 and an HSPF of up to 10.20, the SL18XP1 can save you hundreds of dollars per year in energy bills through all types of weather.

EL16XP1 Heat Pump

Overview: Highly efficient, single-stage heat pump that delivers exceptional comfort.

Features: With a SEER of up to 16 and an HSPF of up to 9.5, the EL16XP1 can save you hundreds of dollars per year in energy bills through all types of weather.


Heat pumps work by transferring heat from one place to another. Air source heat pumps move air between the inside and outside of your home, whereas ground source heat pumps transfer heat between the air inside your home and the ground outside your home. Thus, heat pumps do not generate heat like other types of heating systems. Rather, they move heat by absorbing heat energy from the outside air or ground and transferring it inside. Heat pumps can effectively heat and cool homes. When in cooling mode, heat pumps work to absorb heat from the indoor air and release it through the outdoor unit. If you aren’t sure whether a heat pump is the right heating system for your home, contact the professionals at The Comfort Group. We can offer our expert opinion on whether to install a heat pump or another kind of heating or cooling system in your Parksville home.

Yes, a heat pump is capable of heating an entire house. Though they tend to be most efficient when in cooling mode, they are able to effectively heat homes. No matter the temperature outside, there is still thermal energy available, which means heat pumps can still provide enough heat for your home to remain at a comfortable temperature during the winter. Modern heat pumps are especially good at this, as they are now designed to extract thermal energy in freezing temperatures without it significantly affecting their efficiency. 

The main benefit of a heat pump is that it consumes far less energy than other heating systems. This makes them more environmentally friendly. Some research indicates that heat pumps use a third as much energy as baseboard heaters and even less when compared to oil or gas-based furnaces. Unlike the latter, heat pumps run on electricity and therefore do not require non-renewable resources like oil or natural gas to function. If you’re looking to lessen your environmental impact and reduce your carbon footprint, installing a heat pump in your home, as opposed to a furnace or other type of heater, may be a wise decision. To learn more about the benefits of heat pumps and to find out whether a heat pump is the right type of heating system for your home, contact The Comfort Group. One of our representatives will be pleased to discuss the pros and cons of heat pumps and help you determine whether it’s the right fit for your Nanaimo household.

The answer to this question is that it depends. Some heat pumps are designed to work without backup heat sources, while others require a backup heat source, such as a furnace, to function. Therefore, whether or not you need a furnace with your heat pump depends on the model of heat pump you buy. In addition, the climate in the region where you live as well as the design and energy efficiency of your home can also determine whether you need a furnace and a heat pump. In certain parts of British Columbia, which may experience milder temperatures, you may be able to avoid purchasing a furnace, especially if you install a cold climate heat pump. 

Nanaimo homeowners should be aware of the telltale signs of a problem with your heat pump. The most common signs indicating an issue are loud noises (gurgling, grinding, clanging, or buzzing) coming from your heat pump, strange smells (similar to vinegar, fish, or dirty socks) emanating from your heat pump, a sudden rise in your utility bills, or hot and cold spots in your home.

Like any HVAC unit, heat pumps should be serviced regularly. The Comfort Group offers quality preventative maintenance services on all types of HVAC units. A fully licensed and certified technician will come to your home and assess your heat pump to ensure it’s functioning optimally. Experts recommend having your HVAC system serviced annually. The benefits of regular tune-ups include extending the lifespans of your HVAC units, including your heat pump, increasing the energy efficiency of your system (and perhaps even lowering the cost of your monthly energy bills), and preventing serious problems from occurring in the long term. Contact The Comfort Group to schedule a maintenance service today. Please note that The Comfort Group also offers 24/7 emergency services. So if your heat pump stops working in the middle of winter, give us a call and we’ll have a technician at your home in a matter of hours. There are no extra charges for holiday, weekend, after hours, or emergency service calls.


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