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Can I Install an EV Charger at Home?

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Can I Install an EV Charger at Home?

Can I Install an EV Charger at Home?

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Jan 10, 2024 | By  Right Time

Can I install an EV charger at home?

Installing an EV charger in your home is becoming a more appealing option as electric vehicles gain popularity among drivers on the Island. This begs the question, “Can I install an EV charger at home?” 

If you’ve ever wondered about the feasibility and convenience of home EV charging, you’re in the right place because The Comfort Group is going through the ins and outs of whether this type of home project is possible.

Therefore, if you want to learn more about EV home charging stations, keep reading!

Can I Install My Own EV Charger at Home?

It is not advised that you attempt to install an electric vehicle charger into your home by yourself unless you are a licensed and experienced electrician. Let’s examine why in more detail:

·  Safety issues: Working with high-voltage power sources without the necessary training and experience can be dangerous. Inadequate installation may result in electrical shocks, fires, or additional safety hazards. You can also risk causing damage to your vehicle.

·  Building codes and regulations: Most local rules and laws need authorized specialists, like licensed electricians, to install EV chargers. If you attempt a DIY installation, you can violate these rules and face fines along with possible legal repercussions.

·  Ideal location: An experienced installation can determine the safest and most advantageous location for your EV charger by taking into account factors like cable routing, weatherproofing, and electrical accessibility. Poor placement may cause problems, damage to the charger, or even cause serious safety hazards.

·  Problems with warranties: In order to keep warranty coverage, several EV charger companies need expert installation. Should you attempt to install the charger yourself and run into issues, you can void your warranty and bear the expense of any necessary repairs or replacements. 

Rather than risking an improper installation, leave it to a team of professional electricians who can oversee the installation from start to finish.

Can I Plug an EV into a Regular Outlet? 

It is feasible to utilize a regular household outlet—typically a Level 1 charger—to charge an electric vehicle (EV). A Level 1 charging cable that fits into a typical 120-volt home outlet is included with the majority of electric cars. However, there are limitations and potential drawbacks to using a standard household outlet for EV charging, including the following:

·  Slow charging: The primary limitation is the slow charging speed. Level 1 chargers offer a low charging rate of approximately 3 to 8 kilometres of range per hour of charging. This means that if your EV has a large battery and is nearly empty, it could take a significant amount of time to fully charge.

·  Convenience: If you frequently make last-minute travel arrangements or depend on your electric vehicle for everyday commuting, slow charging may be a hassle. It can be annoying to wait for the battery to charge completely.

·  Not optimal for all EVs: Because Level 1 charging takes longer, some EVs with bigger battery capacities might not be the best candidates for it. Level 2 charges are often suggested in such situations.

·  Solo circuit needed: Make sure the outlet you use for charging is capable of supporting the continuous load of charging an electric vehicle and is connected to a separate circuit. A circuit that is overloaded may experience electrical issues. 

 Depending on the type of electric car you purchase and the existing infrastructure of your home, a regular outlet may not be enough to charge your vehicle safely and correctly. This highlights the necessity for partnering with a professional and certified electrician in your area who can help you navigate these issues.

Do I Need a Permit to Install an EV Charger in Ontario?

 Yes, an installation permit is necessary in Ontario for EV chargers. The following are the required steps and information that you need to submit to the Ontario Building Department in order to request authorization:

1. Request form: The first step is to complete an application for authorization with the Ontario Building Department.

2. Manufacturer installation instructions: To help the department better understand your goals, make sure that you include the manufacturer’s directions for installation for the specific EV charger you wish to install.

3. EVSE name and model: Specify the brand and model of the electric vehicle supply equipment you want to put in your house.

4. Installation plan: Provide a site plan that details your current electrical services and indicates where the EVSE installation will be located.

5. Wiring: Give a detailed wiring arrangement that outlines the charger’s connection to your home’s electrical system. It is essential to make sure the electrical wiring complies with safety regulations.

6. Load calculation: Include load calculations that show how your home’s electrical system will be impacted by the EV charger. This makes it simpler to confirm that the electrical wiring won’t be overloaded.

7. General specifications for installation: Make sure you adhere to all general installation instructions supplied by the Ontario Building Department. This normally includes safety regulations, installation methods, and any local laws that may be relevant.

 As electric cars become more popular amongst drivers, installing an EV charger at home is becoming more and more popular. But there are important things to keep in mind. Because of issues with safety, legality, best location, and warranties, DIY installation is not advised. Hiring a professional electrician is essential for a legal and secure installation.

 If you’re interested in installing an EV charger in your home, reach out to The Comfort Group team to schedule a consultation appointment with one of our certified and experienced electricians.

 The Comfort Group is pleased to serve homeowners in Campbell River, Lake Cowichan, Duncan, Courtenay, Nanaimo, and the surrounding neighbourhoods. Reach out to the team at The Comfort Group over the phone or book your consultation with us online. We look forward to working with you!

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